As the housing market continues to rebound many homeowners are contemplating selling their homes. If you’ve recently had water and/or mold damage repaired, or discovered water and mold damage during an inspection, there are some things to consider as you continue with the process of selling your home. If you have had water and mold damage repaired in your home prior to selling your home, you are typically required to disclose such damage and repairs prior to selling the home. Also, if you filed a claim for the damage through your homeowner’s insurance it will show up on a CLUE report. Having water and mold damage to your home should not affect the resale value of your home if you had the repairs completed by a professional water and mold abatement company. It is usually recommended after an insurance claim, or water and mold abatement that you save all the documents provided to you by your insurance company, mold abatement vendor and general contractor so you can demonstrate that there was an issue and is was handled properly by experienced professionals. If you did not save those documents, contact your insurance agent and the contractors you used, they should maintain a record of the work performed. If you are in the process of selling your home and discovered water or mold damage it can feel like a deathblow to the sale. However, it doesn’t have to be. Mold and water damage is very common and depending on the extent of the damages, can be repaired in a relatively quick time frame. The first step once such damage is discovered is to contact a water and mold abatement specialist. They can inspect your home and provide a free estimate and scope of work. Most water and mold abatement companies can start working within a couple of days as the nature of the industry is based around emergency calls, so lead times are usually very short. The process for water and mold abatement typically takes 3-6 days, and once they start you can begin taking bids from general contractors to start the rebuilding process. Don’t let past water damage deter you from selling your home, as long as you handled the damages properly by utilizing reputable professionals there will be no lingering issues and any potential buyers concerns should be laid to rest when you can demonstrate you took the correct course of action in having the repairs done. The same can be said if you discovered water and mold damages while trying to sell your home. By following the proper steps of remediation and abatement to ensure the safe removal and repairs to damaged repairs is an investment in the sale of your home. If you think you might have water or mold damage in your home Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Elite For a FREE Estimate (916) 245-8862