Mold Remediation Signs To Look For

Common Signs You Need Mold RemediationIt’s time for spring cleaning and this is a common time of the year for people to discover mold in their home as they start to declutter from a long and wet winter. Whether you’re cleaning out the garage or under the kitchen sink and discovered mold, it should be addressed by a mold remediation professional who can either perform the remediation, or advise you how to safely and effectively remove it yourself.

The first thing to know when you discover mold is that the presence of mold itself is not harmful, it is when the mold spores from a colony become airborne and can be breathed in when there is the potential for harmful effects to one’s health. If you discover mold, don’t touch it. Another common misconception is that bleach will safely remove mold. This is NOT true. Bleach does not kill mold spores it only removes the color, and as you scrub on the mold colony you disperse the spores into the air contaminating the surrounding area you are working in. So, if your considering putting on a mask and some rubber gloves to start bleaching the walls covered in mold, please reconsider as this can pose risks down the road. You may have also heard that black mold is the dangerous mold. While this is true, it is misleading as all types of mold can be dangerous whether its green, grey or black. Color is generally more of an indication of age not toxicity.

It is also worth considering why the mold grew in the first place. Whether it is a leaky roof, pipe or window, it is important to identify a source of water or moisture that allowed the mold to grow in the first place.

If you discover mold during your spring cleaning, please consult a mold remediation professional. Most mold remediation companies will offer a complimentary inspection to assess the extent of the damages and provide you with an estimate and scope of work. 

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