Water Mitigation Mold Damage SacramentoIf you’ve had a water leak and shop vacuumed and mopped up the standing water you may think that your property is dry because there is no longer any standing water and it feels dry on the surface. Not being able to see or feel any water can be misleading, as there could still be water under the flooring, cabinets or inside the wall cavity that you will not be able to see. Water that is not obvious and remains trapped under flooring or inside a wall cavity can cause bigger problems down the road such as mold and rot. These are long term damages that can be avoided by having your home serviced by a professional water mitigation company.

Most reputable water mitigation companies will provide a complimentary inspection of your property within 24 hours. During this inspection the mitigation company will be able to detect areas and materials that are still wet using special meters that detect levels of moisture that cannot be detected visibly or by touch. They will be able to determine a scope of work and estimate based on this inspection.

If you think you might have mold in your home Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Elite For a FREE Estimate (916) 245-8862

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